Yamboree 2013

Cool air, football, the smell of fall all mean one thing: it’s Yamboree time!  For those of you  who don’t know, it’s the annual celebration of yams that happens in Gilmer, TX every October. It’s Walt’s third Yam-fest, and Oscar’s very first.  Admittedly, Oscar didn’t get to partake in all the festivities, but boy did Walt!

We arrived on Friday, put Oscar down for a nap and headed with Walt to the square for some rides.

This was the first thing Walt wanted to ride.  A big ol’ Ferris Wheel! Knowing that Walt doesn’t sign up for something he’s not ready for, I said ok!
He was so big! I was so proud. We rode it with Uncle Dave who made it even more fun.
Well, duh. We had to ride cars.
And motorcyles… (melt my heart with that smile, why dontcha?)

Then on Saturday morning we sat with the McClures (a favorite tradition of ours) and watched the parade floats. Lots of pretty “princesses” and colorful floats.

Janna and I with the kids. We really enjoyed ourselves because Janna was smart enough to finally bring some alcohol to the event 🙂

Walt waiting for the next marching band to come by!

Firetrucks are loud!

Getting a lift from Daddy…

….and, aren’t we thankful? 🙂

I couldn’t leave out the Oscar man, who had so much fun meeting his Uncle Frank and Aunt Bernadette.

having a great time with Aunt B

And then on Saturday night, this happened. My poor little Munkaman had more fun than he could handle. He went to a back bedroom to watch some cartoons, and by 6:15, I found him like this:

As always, it was a fun weekend for all. I can’t wait until next year!

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