Oscar is Four Months!

Oscar is speeding through this first year. Slow down, mister! This past month, he started doing lots of new baby things. But, first, his stats:

Weight: 17lbs 5oz – 85th percentile
Height: 26.5 inches – 94th percentile
Head: 17.3 inches – 97th percentile

A few notes on Oscar’s physical stats. Walt was always (and still is) at the very high end of the chart (90th+) but Oscar is pretty much blowing his numbers out of the water. O is a whole 2 lbs (exactly) bigger than Walt was at this age. They are close in height (O has the edge again). BIG boys!

Here are some fun things he’s doing:

  • Rolling! – a couple weeks ago Stinks rolled from his back to his tummy. We thought for sure it was an accident. Now he rolls within 10 secs of placing him on his back… including to sleep.  Turns out, he sleeps a lot better on his tummy 🙂 (I know, I know… “Back to Sleep” and “Back is Best” yada yada, but we got the green light from Dr. G b/c O is so strong).
  • Hands! – he absolutely adores his hands. They are often in his mouth or clasped in front of his chest.
  • Mouth – speaking of his mouth, Oscar has become a champion bubble blower. He really loves blowing raspberries. Also from his mouth comes a lot of drool.  Walt teethed super early (first tooth at 5 months), so I guess it’s not out of the question, but I’m not putting all my eggs in that basket. For now, he’s just a drooler.
  • Sleeping – O is getting better at sleeping.  Generally speaking, he sleeps from 7p-7a, but with that comes several wake ups that require reswaddling, paci insertions, patting, etc.  However, since he’s been rolling on his tummy, these wake ups are waning. We have also done a few cry-it-out experiments. Nothing more than 5-10 minutes because I’m a huge wimp and can’t stand it. CIO has about a 70% success rate in our house 🙂
  • Swaddle – As soon as O started rolling, we began experimenting with a one-arm swaddle. It’s gone really well, except that when he’s on his tummy, I think he’d like both hands available. We’ve just begun both arms out. Wish us luck 🙂
  • Eating – Now that O is taking bottles regularly at day care, it’s easier to know how much he’s eating. He drinks three 7-ounce bottles a day plus I am nursing in the a.m. and p.m.  This is not an area of concern in our house 🙂
  • Other loves – Oscar loves, loves, loves standing. We put him in a standing bouncer and he’s in heaven. He also loves his big brother. He watches him if he’s close by, and can recognize his voice. 
Some pics of the big boy:

hand in mouth. It’s impressive it’s just the one hand.

Sittin’ big. With a little assist from mom.

looooves grabbing those feets!
oh, and Walt wanted in on the photo fun.  It was just me being mom and photographer at the same time. Yeah, it was a handful!

my big, handsome boy!

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