Oscar is Five Months Old

It’s time for another monthly update. I have to admit that the pending holidays and my being back in the work groove is making these pop up faster and faster.
So, what has this little stinker man been up to in the past month? A lot!!  I don’t have height/weight stats because he won’t see the doc until six months, but he’s still a big ol’ boy. Here are some things Oscar has been impressing us with this month:
  • Several weeks ago, I officially switched him to 9 month clothes. Several weeks ago as in he was 4.5 months when this happened. #chunkymonkey
  • I can confidently say that Oscar is a sitter. I was NOT expecting this. Walt did this just days after his six month bday, but Oscar was like, “hey, mom! I can do that now!”
  • Oscar’s most favorite person in the world is Walt. If Walt is anywhere near him (laughing, talking, breathing), then Oscar stops everything he’s doing (read: eating) to just watch and laugh at his big brother.
  • We’ve recently tried cereal a few times because I’m slightly getting peer pressured from teachers at school. He eats 8 oz a feeding (5 feedings). His reaction to the cereal is not good, but we plan on continuing to try.
  • Speaking of eating, we also started feeding him a bottle for his nighttime feeding. We just can’t seem to get Oscar to go all night with no wake ups. The bottle helped for a few days. Now we are mixing 1/2 formula + 1/2 breastmilk. Next attempt will be a pureed filet mignon

  •  Oscar is still very happy. He is way happy in the mornings, and really happy when we are getting ready for bed. 
  • Speaking of getting ready for bed, Oscar LOVES the bath. Never once has he not like the bath, even as a tiny (LOL, tiny) infant.  He’s gotten to where he sits up in his tub and splashes about. 

I don’t really know how Walt and Oscar are majorly different now, but they definitely have done many things differently. Oscar is very happy and laughs, but I think Walt laughed more frequently. Also, Walt rarely had middle of the night wake ups (I know, I’m a total sucker), but Oscar rarely has a night where he doesn’t wake up at all. Most night’s it’s nothing more than a wake up requiring a paci, but there are definitely nights that require several trips upstairs, lots of paci inserts, patting, rocking, and even dragging the baby into bed with us. #badhabits

I sure love the personality on this kid. Majorly laid back, but lots of life. I can’t wait to see it continue to develop.

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