Walt-isms – 2 years 11 mos Edition

Something happens when your kids turn two (or at some point in that year). They stop learning words and start learning meaning.  Walt’s ability to understand context, humor, and timing when he speaks is embarrassing hilarious genius astonishing.  It’s only fair (for future ammunition, of course) that I do a better job of documenting his language.  All of the following were things said in the last month or so:

  • “Mommy, you’re not listening”
  • (after a haircut) “My hair looks beautiful”
  • “This is my song!” (while I turned on the car radio)
  • “Stop talking. Only Walter can talk.”
  • “Can I have some coffee?”
  • “This is only for boys” (said while playing with anything he feels territorial about… we’ll need to work on making him realize that boys are the majority in our house!)
  • Walt: “What’s this?” (points to nipple) Mommy: “it’s your nipple.” Walt: “Can I see your nipple?” Mommy: “No, girls don’t show their nipples.” Walt: “Only boys show their nipples? Like daddy?
  • Daddy (while in the car): “What are you looking at, Walt?” Walt: “The weather”
  • “I don’t need to peeps” (referring to pee pee)
  • “Can I watch the News?”

More to come!

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