Oscar is 6 Months Old!

It’s a really busy time of year, but I definitely couldn’t overlook marking the six-month birthday of our littlest guy. As I’ve made nauseatingly clear in all my post about Oscar, I use the word “littlest” oh-so loosely.  This kid is a beast.  I was reading back at how I described Walt (who is also no runt) and he was Mr. Long and Lean until about this age.  There is nothing lean about Oscar. There never has been. He was born with chubby cheeks and rolls in his thighs. I love that so much about him. He’s so pinchable!!

Could his hair be any crazier??

But why am I wasting time on thing we already know? How about some new updates? I don’t have his physical stats yet. He sees the doctor on Monday. Please refer to paragraph one for a semblance of his size 🙂

  • Eating – One of Oscars favorite pastimes.  We introduced some oatmeal cereal several weeks ago. After a few messy practice rounds, he got the hang of it and is truly an animal when he eats (grunting, growling, humming…let’s just say it’s not a quiet dining experience). Next up: bananas!
  • Sleeping – I hesitate to even talk about this. I feel like this has been such a slippery slope with Oscar.  However, the past two weeks he’s gone every night except one sleeping 12+ hours without a single noise. His naps are hit or miss. He takes 2 naps and I usually offer a 3rd one still, but at best, it’s 30 minutes long.  His a.m. nap is easily the most predicable and the longest. He also is a stud at putting himself to sleep (be it bedtime or naps)
  • Teeth! – a new category!  Right around 5.5 months I stuck my finger in his mouth and felt his bottom gums to be slightly rough. I did it again the next day. Now he most definitely has his two bottom teeth about halfway out. Walt got his first teeth right at 5 months.
  • Playing – Oscar is a great player. Wait…I mean, he plays well with toys.  He’s a champion sitter (something he started on last month’s update, but is completely mastered now). No support needed! He does great entertaining himself.
  • Likes – Walt is Oscar’s most favorite person by a mile. He also likes playing in his round about or chewing on toys. 
  • Dislikes – he does not like other people crying. He almost always cries if someone else is crying (Walt, other kids, whoever). I take this to mean he’s a little sensitive bear. He also isn’t a huge fan of people playing with his toys, but let’s be honest, who is?
A little blurry, but I added this pic because if you look REALLY closely, you see his two bottom teeth 🙂

He’s pretty content putting anything in his mouth

Our sweet little Stinks
We are so excited to celebrate Oscar’s first Christmas tomorrow. Of course it means nothing to him. He is probably even too young to like the paper.  We’ll all just have fun watching Walt, and frankly, that would probably make Oscar the happiest anyways.  Happy 6 Months, Buddy!

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