6-Month Stats

I just wanted to document Oscar’s stats, as we took him in for his six-month visit today:

Weight: 20 lbs 2 oz (88%)
Height: 28.0″ (92%)*
Head: 18.3″ (+100%)

*I swear the nurse said 29″ when she measured him, but I was juggling baby at the same time, so I could be off and that seems like a super huge kiddo.  He seems to have leveled out in height. I see you laughing as he’s clearly still a giant kid. But he’s the same height Walt was at six months. The only stat since birth that they’ve matched up on.  Oscar is still 2lbs heavier than Walt was at this age. #bigboy

Although we were diagnosed with RSV at this visit, Oscar was such a champ for the check up.

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