Our Big Boy is Three Years Old

It’s really hard for me to believe Walt is three years old. What a great age where he’s still little yet has independence (stubbornness??), yet he’s not old enough to be in big-boy school yet. I know that life has a tendency to speed up as we get older, but I think adding a 2nd kid to the mix has really put things in fast forward. Walt has grown up a LOT in the past six months. He’s always been a really good kid (great sleeper, mindful mostly for others, and generally really sweet), and I think all these things have been magnetized since Oscar was born. Walt is the world’s sweetest big brother and truly is helpful when I need it!

We had many celebrations to recognize Walt’s three-year tenure on this earth. It started with a small family gathering.

Cupcakes!!!! (Cousins Jameson and Jaeyln in attendance… Walt’s buddies)

Oscar doesn’t like to miss a party 🙂 (And Jaelyn dressed up for the occassion)

 We also had a party with 15 of Walt’s closest friends at a jump house place. I have not one single picture from that because I was surrounded by jumping toddlers. Everywhere I looked, some little kid was bouncing off something that was certain to lead to a broken bone. It was fun 🙂

Then there was a big “Celebration of Life” at Walt’s school. I prepared thoroughy threw together the night before a very quick timeline of our big boy. With literally THOUSANDS of pics of him, it was tough to pick just a few highlights.

I”m not bragging, but….

Walt was a king for the day!


He got to be in the middle of the circle.

He’s holding a flashlight, which was the “candle”. I guess fire isn’t safe for small children.

And last but not least, we got to see Dr. G to get a full report on our big boy.  Walt is still on the tall and hefty side. He got to stand on a scale and stand to be measured, which was fun. He still struggles a bit with asthma-like symptoms, but I can tell it’s not as dramatic. It’s just tough for him to get a simple runny nose without it causing him to wheeze and cough a lot.

Here are his stats:

Weight: 37.6lbs – 91%
Height: 39.3 inches – 86%

Also, they stop measuring his head and start measuring blood pressure and pulse. Do kids have high blood pressure??

BP: 96/58
Pulse: 85

It will take me a whole other blog post to update on all the things that Walt is doing now. He’s such a chatter box and definitely has a sense of humor. He’s also so sweet that he melts my heart daily. I love this little MunkaMan of ours!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    wow! I can't believe he is already 3! I love The Story of Walt 🙂


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