Oscar Gets a Haircut

From the moment we first saw Oscar, he had a full head of hair. In fact, I remember one of my ultrasounds and the tech noted she could see hair on his head. Not surprising given Chris has a full head of dark black hair and I have typical Italian thick hair.  You can imagine our surprise when we saw Walt for the first time and he was blonde (nearly strawberry blonde) with not much hair.

Oscar was not as such. His hair was dark brown and covered his head. Of course it fell out like most baby’s hair does and it came back a lighter version, but not the bleach blonde that was Walt.

I continue to watch his hair grow really resisted getting a haircut as long as I could. But, I could no longer handle the 1970s shag look (and feared people would start to think he was a girl).

Hi, ladies. I’m a hot mess. 

Walt has always been a champ haircut-getter, but I didn’t get his first haircut until 16 mos. The idea of a 9-month old sitting still and not panicking during this procedure had my jaw clenched.  But, I’m proud to say that Oscar completely exceeded my expectations. Not a one tear and the worst thing he did was be Mr. Curious (what else is new) and turned his head to watch the hairdresser.

Waiting our turn and super excited about it.
In case Oscar ever wants to run for office, he can always find some gel and a comb…
Actually letting the sweet hairdresser get the back of his head without jerking around trying to watch her.

Looking a bit like a lil’ rascal, but at least I can see his ears!
Mr. Stinks proud of his new do!

 I typically cut Walt’s hair pretty short (short enough to spike up), but I didn’t have the guts to do that to Oscar. Haircuts make boys look older, and I this was old enough for me.  So, we’ll see what happens with haircut #2, but for now, he’s got a slick style going on 🙂

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