Bruns Brothers

I felt it time to dedicate a post to the two Bruns Brothers. I don’t know what their relationship will be like when they are older (hell, I don’t know what it’ll be like tomorrow), but since Oscar was born, these two have been best buddies.

These sweet boys of mine

Walt wears the big brother hat like a boss. He is super loving with Oscar. He far exceeded my expectations. Walt is very good about caring for Oscar and making sure he’s happy. In fact, his favorite thing is to entertain Oscar.

School pic. I mean, Oscar’s hand says it all!

True bros go shirtless together…

Oscar is an easy audience. If Walt is anywhere nearby, Oscar has his full attention. His most happy giggles come when Walt is doing something silly, or rolling on the bed with him.

Neither Chris nor I have a brother. So, this brother dynamic is a new one to both of us, but we sure like what we see. I know these two will always have a special place in each others hearts for each other.

I’m writing this blog to refer back to when they are wrastling in the backyard and someone ends up with a black eye…

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