Mother Son Dance

There are many perks of being the mom to boys, but one thing stands out. No, not being able to cheer at sports games (still fun!). No, not dancing together at his wedding (*tear*).  It’s definitely taking part in the Mother-Son Dance! I also know this is a VERY small window that I can get away with this.  At some point it won’t be cool, but he doesn’t have a choice now 🙂

I was tickled to see that the theme this year was 80s. A personal favorite decade and party theme.  Some of my neighborhood friends with sons decided to go together and we totally committed to dressing the parts.  Walt was a fantastic date! He had fun dressing up (“Mom, why am I wearing two shirts”), he loved his new shoes (thanks to Daddy, he refers to them as Cons or “shoes with strings”), and he REALLY loved dancing.

Thankfully, they split the dance for older and younger kids, so ours was 5-7 p.m. Since Walt is early to bed, this was great for us.

What a cute, little prepster

I wasn’t really going for tacky, borderline hussy 80s, but….
This hair. OMG.  Nice to know my hot rollers still work.
Look at this good-looking group!
Me and my date ❤

Someone really enjoyed learning how to break dance.

At first,  Walt wasn’t a big fan of the LOUD music, but he still had a smile one his face


Some totally rad mamas!


My main Munks

Austin and Walt ready to cut a rug!

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