Oscar is 15 Months Old!

Well, the crazy chunky monkey, Oscar, is already 15-months old.  What happened at 12 months that has all of a sudden made him a toddler? It’s like there’s a switch and they know to start acting older.

Stinks’ personality is a big one and I love it so. He loves being vocal and silly. Before we get to that, let’s look at his stats. If you’re curious, here are Walt’s 15-month stats.

Weight: 27lbs 7 oz (99%+)
Height: 33.5″ (99%+)
Head: 19.8″ (100%+)

So, he’s huge. Duh. Nothing has changed. Weird that Walt weighed more. I think Oscar is way chunkier.


  • Eating (Please refer to his stats above)
  • Playing with Bentley
  • Playing on the couch
  • Watching Elmo
  • Pointing and playing with cars
  • Riding in his red wagon or stroller outside
  • Being outside
  • Going bye-bye… he waves and gives everyone kisses and repeatedly says “Bye bye!”
  • Books – especially ones with lots of pictures of animals
  • Dogs 🙂
  • Dancing. This boy can bebop to anything and I love it!
  • Being wiped clean
  • Wiping his nose
  • Taking medicine (though he’ll do it)
  • Getting his diaper changed – but, we’ve recently been able to circumvent this by handing him a book with animal pictures
  • Being in the car when it’s not moving (random)
Oscar is starting to talk a lot, which is really fun. Here is a list of some fun words he says:
  • Da-dee (daddy!)
  • Mama
  • Car
  • Elmo
  • Up
  • Please
  • Thank you (not often does he say it, but he can sign it)
  • Shoes
  • This 
  • That
  • UH (this is how he says “Walt”)
  • Bubba
  • Pup-eee (Puppy!)
  • *shakes his head no*

I love the talking phase. I feel like he learns a new word every single day. He’s so into hanging out with people and trying new things. Happy 15-month bday. little man!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    such a cutie! you know I stalk these monthly updates to see what to expect 😉


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