Yamboree 2014

It’s that time of year. When the weather should be getting cooler, but it’s actually still really warm. But, when I start seeing pumpkins and we get a nice northerly wind, I start to think about the Gilmer Yamboree!

Since meeting Chris in 2005, this has become one of my fondest memories of our family. I’m so excited we get to share this little taste of Small Town America with our kids.  This year was just like the others. We got to ride some rides on the Square on Friday and enjoyed the parade as always. This year was Oscar’s first year to partake in festivities. While he made the trip last year, he was only 3 months old so he stayed at Nana and Papas most of the time.

The best way to describe the weekend is in pictures. Lots of pics of Stinks because Walt was VERY busy.

Waiting as Walt rides a million rides…

Riding the cars!
Oscar secretly (not so secretly?) jealous

Getting some quality time with cousin Maddie. She loves these boys so!

Ready for the parade! Walt loves the fire engines, but is very concerned about their loud horns!
First (only) ride on a ferris wheel!
All that Yamming sure makes one tired!

 We were gone for less than three days. We left Friday around noon and Oscar and I were home just after 2 p.m. on Sunday. We had someone watching our sweet dog, Bentley, who could do no wrong…until now. Turns out, he enjoys our company more than we gave him credit for. I came home to find that Bentley was desperately looking for us. He was convinced we were outside… or hiding in the blinds.

Part dog, part velociraptor???

More of his handiwork.

Let’s not forget the door too. He did a number on it all!

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