Halloween 2014

This year’s Halloween was fun all around. Walt finally grasped the concept and even picked his own costume. I’ve been in awe of friends who’s kids knew what they wanted to be at 2 years old.  Walt just never really got it. He’s not into dress up so maybe that’s part of it. Plus, I’m terrible about talking about this stuff in advance. I have a hard time with “coaching” weeks before an event because it garners lots of questions and Walt wonders why we can’t do said activity tomorrow.

Justice League meets Marvel

Back to this year. Walt chose early on to be Spider-Man (thanks in part to a super hero b-day party we went to in late Sept).  Luckily, Oscar is too young to have an opinion, so he got to be Batman. Then the whole family played along. Even Bentley.


Walt had the BEST time trick or treating and could have gone all night long. It’s really a shame that we have to take away more than half his candy because of peanuts. Truthfully, he probably wouldn’t eat it anyways. We threw away most of the candy a week later.

Since Oscar was only three months old last year, it was fun to see him toddle around to a few houses.  He started to grasp the concept a little bit and loved following big brother.

What a trooper

Also, Walt and I braved the crowds a week before Halloween to trick or treat in Frisco Safety Town. I think all the pre-Halloween activities really solidified the concept for Walt.

Jake show  us how smart he is (get it??)


Oscar’s all, “I got this!”

Spider-Man was so excited at Frisco Safety Town 
Walt with his buddy, Austin (and his little bro, Jackson) ready to take on the crowd at Frisco Safety Town.

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