Family Trip to Broken Bow

After Jess, Stori and I took a girls’ weekend to Broken Bow, OK in February, we knew we needed to come back with our families.  It’s a quick 3-hour drive from Dallas (unless it’s nighttime or snowing) and the scenery is gorgeous.

What’s “camping” without s’mores?

Between the three families, there are six kids that are 6 years old or younger.  So, we knew sleeping would be a challenge. Luckily, Broken Bow cabin rentals have lots to choose from and we landed on a house that had plenty of rooms and tons of space.  Let’s also be clear this is far from a real camping experience. The cabins are just nice houses with lots of wood details. We had stainless steel appliances in the kitchen….

We divvied up the food and meals and ended up with enough food for about 20 people for four weeks. Roughly.  Not to mention, enough alcohol to sedate a dozen horses. If we would have gotten snowed in, we would have been fine. Lucky for us, the weather was actually awesome. It was cloudy, overcast and drizzly, but mid-60s. Perfect weather for exploring in the woods, and enjoying some movies and puzzles inside.

Oscar was prepared with his camping boots

The kids were amazing. They all got along and the three big kids slept in the same room. This may or may not have been detrimental to independent sleeping once we all got home. The kids enjoyed lots of junk food, lots of mac n cheese, and the adults enjoyed some scrumptious comfort food like chicken spaghetti, breakfast casserole and loaded baked potato soup.

This weekend was such a success we’re already thinking of the next time and how much longer we can stay.

Working the perfect roasted marshmallow
Walt actually liked the smores!

Oscar had fun no matter what we were doing.

Look, mom. A giant rocking chair

Sleeping arrangement #1 of 45.  All three big kids in one bed… with many electronics.

Sleeping arrangement #36 of 45. Walt and Reese in the bed. This is how they stayed all night 🙂
Ruby girl enjoying the outdoors and her daddy!

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