Meeting the Big Guy

I had a premonition that we wouldn’t quite get the Kodak moment we got last year. Or did we?  Honestly, I had no idea how Oscar would react.  The first time Walt met Santa Claus in person he was nearly 3 #parentsoftheyear.   Last year, Oscar just stared a hole in Santa.

We chose to go see the Santa at the Villages of Fairview because you can make an appointment. I can tell you that this phenomenon did not disappoint. We parked close, walked right in and were done (start to finish) in 10 minutes.  Well done, Santa + elves!

The whole way over, Oscar kept saying “Santa!” and pointing to Santa pics.  As soon as we walked in the door, his grip on me tightened. As we got closer to Santa, I could have let go of Oscar and he would have stayed firmly affixed to my hip. That’s how tightly he was holding me.

And then this happened…

Its a Christmas miracle. Goodness he got MAD 

Afterwards, he was happy as could be with his candy cane and Rudolph on the TV

Just for grins, this is last year’s pic.  Everyone is so happy!

So, maybe next year we’ll have all smiles. I’m pretty happy with the complete meltdown pic.

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    haaaaaaaaaahahaha. I have been warned that future Santa visits will not go as easily as this one did for me 🙂


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