Merry Christmas 2014!

I seriously love Christmas. I love giving gifts. I love receiving gifts. And, I sure do love the excitement as the boys come down the stairs in the morning.

We didn’t do a super big present this year for the boys. Last year we outdid ourselves with a very realistic kitchen and a bike. It was hard to top that. Don’t worry, they were still well taken care of.   Plasma Cars, Ninja Turtles, Elmo… the list goes on and on.

I was lucky enough to get hit hard with a nasty virus a few days before Christmas. I thought I  was way ahead of it (went to the doc on Mon and got antibiotics and steroids). I even tested negative for the flu. But it came back with a vengeance on Christmas Eve. I was able to power my way through wrapping presents, but I could barely keep my head up at my parents (it’s so sad that I don’t even remember tasting my mom’s homemade ravioli and eggplant Parmesan). What’s worse than that is I watched a super nice bottle of Kathryn Hall Cab get poured all around me.  We left for home early and I had enough strength to crawl in bed and just hope I saw improvement.

Luckily on Christmas morning, I did feel slightly better. This virus is no joke though. I’m going on day 13 of symptoms. I was hoping the boys would skate free, but more on that in a later blog.

Enough about me! Here are pics and a video from Christmas morning (you’ll notice that Oscar doesn’t know what to think, and eventually gets scared by Elmo)

Our tree with so many presents!
Bentley overseeing the Santa operation
Yay scooters! (Bentley just wants to love on Oscar)
This big boy needed no help in opening his presents!

More Elmo!


As I was miserable in bed (and so upset I was worthless), Santa wrote a super sweet note to the boys and reminisced about their photo opp

After presents on Christmas morning, my family came over for brunch. Oscar slept through the entire thing, so we had a THIRD round of presents after he woke up.  We are looking forward to Nana and Papa visiting next week so we can continue our Christmas celebrations!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    ugh on virus 😦 I got the flu the weekend before – screw that!

    Christmas looks beautiful at your house!


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