Oscar is 18 Months

Another birthday milestone for our littlest guy.  These come so fast and furious with the second kiddo.  18 months definitely doesn’t sound like a baby anymore, and Oscar wants you to know that he’s definitely a big boy.  He’s really developed a fabulous personality and I sure love all the talking.

First things first, here are his stats. If you’re curious, here are Walt’s 18 month stats (so similar!)

Weight: 27 lbs 8 oz*…… 87%
Height: 34″…………………92%
Head: 19.8″………………..98%

*We are pretty sure this weight is super inaccurate. Oscar has been sick and not eating much, plus it took three attempts to weigh him because he was such a mess at the doctor’s office. This is only 1 oz bigger than his 15 month check up. The funny thing is… he’s still huge. 🙂  Oscar was a huge baby (9lb 10z) and that’s a terrible indicator of how big the will actually be. Many kids even out and normalize. Not Oscar. Or Walt for that matter. I think it’s pretty clear that we spawn some big kids.

Here’s some fun stuff O is up to:

  • Talking – he talks up a storm! He loves animals and knows many sounds (see video below). Other new words he says:
    • Wahhh (Walt)
    • Bentley
    • Applesauce
    • Cracker
    • Chicken
    • Sassy (paci)
    • Sorry
    • Nana
    • Papa
  • Eating – He continues to eat pretty much everything we put in front of him (with the exception of eggs, but he’d eat those too). He gobbled up some pasta and homemade sauce at Christmas. He even likes salsa and queso!
  • Playing – He’s started playing more structured. He like stacking things and matching things. He starts a new class at school on Jan. 5 where they will start with some Montessori exercises. It will be interesting to see his motor skills develop!  Most importantly, Oscar really likes to play with Walt and Bentley. He watches what Walt does and mimics. Walt is a very patient older brother!  Oscar is also very good at independent play. I can tell that he’s more comfortable playing alone than Walt ever was.
  • Health – After our 2-day stint in the hospital in October, it’s been a struggle to keep this boy healthy.  We’ve diligently been administering steroid nebulizers twice a day for two months, in addition to lots of saline and nose suctioning (disgusting). He just can’t seem to stay100% well. I’m hoping this is just the age and the time of year.
I will say this much about our fun-loving second born… this kid is a champ at bedtime/naptime routines. I feel like I have to brag about this because it took what felt like FOREVER for him to comfortably sleep the entire night through without any wake ups. I always thought Walt was a champ going to bed, but Oscar is so easy. He is happy for you to read 2-3 books, then goes right into his crib. There are nights that he stays awake for up to an hour, but he’s so content in his crib and makes zero noise. He’s the same most mornings. Just wakes up and plays nicely in his crib.  I’m definitely enjoying this, because Walt is SUPER needy when he wakes up in the morning. 
As promised, here is a fun clip of Oscar showing off his animal sounds:

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara Watson says:

    bedtime easiness is the key to a happy mommy in this house!


  2. Sara Watson says:

    PS: I can't believe “the baby” is 18 months old already!


  3. Team Bruns says:

    Sara – I know!! It goes by fast no matter what, but definitely feels faster this time.


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