Visiting Family in Spicewood

This past weekend we had a great time meeting up with Chris’s Aunt Bernadette and Uncle Frankie at their home in Spicewood, TX. What  was even better, is their daughter, Allison, and her husband, Turner, and daughter, Avery, joined us from Brooklyn, NY!  Avery and Oscar are 2nd cousins less than two weeks apart in age, so it was a great opportunity to see them. As an additional bonus, Chris’s parents met us from Gilmer, so it was a Bruns’ Family Affair!

Our trip started off a little sketch since winter has decided to show up in North Texas at the very last minute.

Right as we left around 9 a.m. it started to snow and ice. Took us til nearly Waco to get out of it. 

Once we got to Spicewood, we were happy to not be on the road and very happy to have a warm beverage 🙂  We spent the weekend chasing Avery and Oscar around, and I got to catch up with Allison who is expected their second daughter in May.  I can’t wait for her to be the mom of two.  All that corralling of little ones led to few pics…

Oscar and Avery having a little couch picnic with Uncle Frankie

Walt sharing his phone with sweet Avery

Walt has such a soft heart for kiddos younger than him. Just look at his face!

The next time we’ll see Allison and Turner, they will have two little girls keeping them busy. We can’t wait (and maybe it will be in NY!)

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