Snow Day!

I mentioned in my last post that winter has decided to show up here in North Texas. Which is all fine and good, but it’s MARCH. I’ve already got my heart set on spring sun and patio dining!

In any event, we’ve had our fair share of snow days over the last two week’s but today was really fun. We got a great snow cover followed by some sunshine, so the kids could really enjoy it. Not to mention this storm came with just snow. None of that pesky ice to worry about.

Walt was ready to build (Go Broncos)

It’s not a real snow day until you SLED!
Austin and Walt going down the “hill’
They loved it! Glad we have neighbors who had snow equipment 🙂

Making a snow man complete with olive eyes and a fedora…
Even Oscar got to enjoy the action!
At the end of the day, I stole a recipe for snow ice cream. It was good!

As much fun as we had today, I’m so ready for a normal work week. All this juggling work with two kids at home is exhausting. Not to mention the natives are restless… Spring?

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