Last Day at Zimbra

Today was a hugely bittersweet day for me. I had to leave my co-workers, employees, and friends to start a new opportunity.  I couldn’t help but get attached to this group. It was a large population of former colleagues of whom I worked with very soon after college.  This time, however, I got to work with some new faces and meet some great people.

Let me back up — for the past several months, I’ve been entertaining an opportunity with a company called Guidewire Software. They design software for the property and casualty insurance industry. It’s an industry I know a lot about. I spent eight years from Skywire Software through Oracle supporting the P&C insurance industry (from a technology perspective). I know it doesn’t sound sexy, but despite the insurance revolution, it’s not an industry that’s going anywhere anytime soon (read; stability). I will be helping with Product Marketing Programs. It’s a step away from corporate marketing (which I love. I love campaigns, lead gen and branding), but it’s a step back toward my product marketing experience. The other thing worth mentioning is I’ll be working from home save for a monthly(ish) trip out to San Francisco. Not a bad deal, huh?

As recruiting goes, the process was in depth, and I wasn’t convinced at first. I loved the work we were doing at Zimbra and I especially loved my team. I have a tendency to get emotionally attached to work. I can’t help it! As the interviews went on, it became clearer and clearer that this was the right opportunity for me at this point in my life.

So, alas, I said goodbye to Zimbra today.  But, this is how well this group knows me. They sent me off with a barrage of Justin Timberlake’s biding me adieu (actually, some of the JT’s were asking me to stay which is a VERY convincing way to get me to stick around!)

In the past two years at Zimbra I had the opportunity to coach and mentor a group of people, launch a redesigned website, learn a little bit about inbound marketing and e-campaigns, and to make some lifelong friends. I’ll miss them!

Even Ramen Noodle Hair JT said goodbye!
Donuts and lots of Justin’s to say farewell

A cut out! If that wasn’t actually a cut-out of our CIO, I might have taken that home

Even in his suit and tie… sorry, JT.

Two little helpers helped me wrap up the last of my work and take stuff to my car. Walt is answering my emails.
To celebrate, my sweet husband took me to our very favorite: Fearings!

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