The One with the Wedding Dresses

Do you ever make a comment, “We should totally do that!” and you never do? I know. It happens to all of us. It happens so often that you rarely even regret that you didn’t do that thing because you’ve long forgotten about it.  But, no no no. Not with this girl.

One of Stori and I’s bestie’s is getting married in just a few short weeks. She’s doing a small wedding ceremony, then a reception like a month later. Not uncommon, but the first thing Stori and I think is, “You get to wear your dress twice!” How genius! Then I said, “WE should wear our wedding dresses, Friends’ style!”.  And that’s when this happened…

In case you forgot the episode, here are the Friends’ girls sitting like normal people in their wedding dresses…drinkng.
And that’s just what we did!

Keeping it real in our wedding dresses. 
They still mostly fit (when we lean back on the couch).

Best friends are the ones the execute on silly ideas together.

While this was LOADS of fun, I was on the verge of getting super sick.  I powered through it, but did not feel nearly as nostalgic as I expected. I think my 29 year old self was in better shape and frankly, it was a pain in the ass to walk around in this thing.  Still, I’m thankful for this super fun memory!

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