Cavett-Scarborough Wedding

What a happy day! My college bestie married her lobster! As you might recall, I helped with her amazing engagement scavenger hunt.  She and Shawn wasted no time planning a wedding and getting hitched. Can you blame them?  This weekend was their gorgeous wedding ceremony at the breathtaking Rancho Loma in west Texas.  It was an unbelievable setting.  Another fun fact: Chris was the officiant! By the power of the Internet, he legally wed these two love birds!

Here is the weekend in pictures:

On our way to Brownwood, TX!
This beautiful friend of mine. We’ve been through everything near and far. I love her!
I also love this handsome man 🙂
Getting ready in this stunning lace dress.
Final touches!
This is it folks. Just a little platform with God’s decorations as the backdrop.
What a special ceremony it was!
Of course, they had to recreate it after a few drinks and it was all said and done.  Obviously Chris is headed for greatness.
The stunning bride! She looked so perfect!

And a quick shot of us. Beautiful weather. Beautiful place. Beautiful day.

Congrats, Shawn and Jess!

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