Chaos Soccer – Spring 2015

It’s been an awfully rainy season, but the boys have really enjoyed their second season playing soccer.  I realize they are all only 4 years old, but the improvement from the fall to the spring has been tremendous! We owe a lot of this to our fantastic coach, Coach Tony. He is very encouraging, but at the same time is trying to teach the boys a thing or two about soccer. I am not a big fan of the “everyone wins and does a great job” strategy. Sometimes you don’t do a good job, but those are the teaching moments!  But seriously, they are four years old. We treat them like four year olds.

There is no real score keeping, but it’s apparent the teams that are more evenly matched. We had our fair share of ruanway games… both from the winning and losing side. The boys are getting a lot better at passing it to each other and the pack around the ball isn’t quite so tight 🙂

A little team cheer to get them hyped.

Colton, Chase, and Beckam all ready to play ball

Austin (#4) and Chase are true hustlers on the team

Look at the power behind this kick!

My little left-footed kicker. Walt’s best skill is the corner kick.

The coach’s son: Ryne. This kid is a natural-born athlete!

Here’s the crazy crew. Aren’t they adorable?

Chris and I have no expertise in soccer, but have really grown to love watching and learning the game. It’s extremely fast paced (think: basketball or hockey) and there are lots of cool skill (running, kicking, dodging). On to the next season!

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