Bruns Family Spring Round Up

Since I got so far behind on the blog, I need to lump a few posts into one. I thought I’d run through some fun things we’ve been doing this spring.

Group selfie of my sister KK, my mama, Jaelyn and Cassie before we saw Newsies!
Jaeyln had a great time! How can you not? Newsies was outstanding #seizetheday

Mr. Stinks has been taking classes at MyGym since the first of the year. He loves it!

Oscar is a huge ham for the camera. 
Speaking of hams, Walt was in a school program. He was part of the choir and got all dressed up.

Walt showing off fruits from our garden! Finally something he’ll eat: Strawberries!

Sometimes I surprise myself. This day was one of those days. I bought and planted flowers to liven up our flower beds. 

Oh, just your average car ride.

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