Fireballs T-ball

This spring we embarked on a new sport that Walt was especially excited about: t-ball! Walt has been swinging a bat for years, so we were surprised to see that Frisco Baseball Association didn’t start baseball until you are headed into Kindergarten.  So, we played this season with McKinney.

We properly coerced our soccer coach, Tony, into also coaching our t-ball team. It only took a couple beers.  The boys did pretty good for their first season. Our lessons learned is although baseball seems like a pretty straightforward sport, it’s a LOT to explain to 4-year-olds.  Most of them knew about batting and throwing, but not so much on what to do AFTER you bat or where in the heck you throw it. We worked on those things. Chris helped assistant coach and I think truly loved it!

The biggest downside was the insanely wet spring we had. We had so many games cancelled, that we ended up playing something like 7 games in a 2.5 week time span in June.

Here are some pics from our season as Fireballs!

Such a sweet moment. Chris getting Walt ready for his very first at-bat.

A peek into the dugout! This is where the chaos happens!

Playing defense. Walt in ready position at first base.

Even mommy got to play assistant coach one game!
Good sportsmanship early!
Walt at his first at-bat!

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