Oscar’s Beach Party

I always say I will NEVER do another party at my house, but this one was actually such a joy!  Since Oscar has a summer birthday, I thought we should celebrate with a “beach” party.  This was a risky theme considering late June in Texas could mean some sweltering temps. The party gods smiled happily on us, and we had a nice partly cloudy day that was so pleasant.
The birthday boy! 
We decorated the backyard like a beach, which everything but the sand (I hate sand unless it’s actually on a beach. And even then I hate how it sticks with you for.ev.er.). We even had an inflatable water slide and a snocone truck!
Oscar had a blast, but I think Walt had the most fun 😉 This is fine by me, considering his January birthday never allows for such parties.
If you squint your eyes, this really does make the backyard feel like a beach #fakesand
The water slide was easily the hit of the party.
Oscar with both his grandmas. Happy boy!
Oscar and Papa Chuck being super silly.

And a few quick videos to show how much fun was really had. Oscar dancing with Papa Chuck 🙂

Oscar slo-mo sliding down the water slide:

Walt and his friends, Dylan and Reese, who repeated this stunt hundreds of times:

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    That is awesome! I might be stealing this slide idea next year… Thinking Randall might put it in the “over the top” category for her 1st bday party 😉 I know I'm already pushing his boundaries.


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