Bentley Turns a Year Older

Poor Bentley – we have no idea how old this guy is!  When we got him last year, they thought he was a year an a half to two years old.  Based on his playfulness, we decided he was closer to one year. But no one knows.  But, with that in mind, we decided to celebrate his birthday on the day he officially came to be a part of our family (Sept 6).  We had to cheat a little this year because I was going to be out of town.

In the past year, Bentley has proven to be such a loyal companion. He loves the boys so much and let’s them run all over him.  He’s truly attached to Chris, because, at the time that we got him, Chris was home all the time.  Bentley has become my #1 running buddy, even if he slows me down or stops to poop. All I have to do is lightly jingle the leash, and this buddy come barreling out of Chris’s office.  Bentley is nice to other dogs and people and never has accidents in the house. He’s not completely perfect. We did overestimate his awesomeness when we went to Gilmer last fall and he ate all our downstairs blinds. All of them.  While it was a MASSIVE disaster, I thank him for giving me plantation shutters 🙂

To celebrate our furriest family member, I bought him a doggie whoopie pie and we all sang Happy Birthday!

Happy (2nd?) Birthday, Bentley!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    good puppy!!!! LOL @ the blinds! holy cow


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