Summer Recap

It’s not really a secret that blog upkeep was not my strength this year. There are so many little things we do that I don’t think warrant their own blog post, but then I look back at all our summer pics and realize we did some awesome stuff!

Aside from things I’ve already written about (our Colorado trip), here are some fun snapshots taken throughout a very fun and eventful summer.

We spent a lot of time outdoors. Which often meant in a pool

The boys love our neighborhood pool, but really like Papa Ronni and Papa Chuck’s

Chillin’ after a good swim
Our second favorite spot was the splash park
Oscar just followed Walt around everywhere
When we couldn’t get to the pool or the splash park, we made our own backyard water toys
We went on (really hot) hikes at a nature reserve in Plano
Walt wanted to stop on all the rocks for a picture
We even took walks/bike rides around the neighborhood (Oscar taking the easy way out)
When it was too hot, we stopped for cool treats – like DQ ice cream!
Or Bahama Buck’s snocones (which actually didn’t go over as well as I had thought)
It was really a fun summer of just doing summer stuff! Pretty much exactly how I remember my summers growing up.  This one was extra fun!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    🙂 we didn't make it to Bahama Bucks once this summer! 😦


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