The Chaos Boys are Back!

Here we go again with another fun season of sports. This fall, Walt is playing soccer and tball again.  If you ask him, his favorite is whichever one he is playing at the moment. The kid just loves to play outside and throw or kick a ball.

We’ve seen great improvement in these boys from just a year ago. It’s crazy to think back to that very first game in the fall of 2014 when they didn’t know which way the goal was and all the kiddos swarmed around the ball.  There’s still a bit of that, but the boys are starting to pass to each other, use some defense, and kick a lot of intentional goals!

Here’s to another great season, Chaos!

My favorite #8
Walt and his buddy, Austin.  Both sporting some serious soccer hairdos
Even Oscar likes to spectate — though with a touch of silly

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