Bulls T-Ball

Sports, sports, and more sports!

A couple of weeks ago we started our second t-ball season (right after we started soccer). This season we switched from city of McKinney to Frisco. We were lucky enough to maintain a good portion of our spring team.

The boys were really good! Call me biased, but I really enjoy t-ball, probably because we’re such fans of baseball.  The boys really improved their throwing and catching skills and had a few hot bat moments.

Because we were doing double sports, plus Oscar has gymnastics on Saturdays (and still take a solid two hour nap), I ended up missing quite a few t-ball games. For this reason, my pics are few and far between.

We have decided that starting in the spring (2016), we’ll commit to one team sport for the season. If it means Walt won’t make a select team by the time he’s 7, or won’t be drafted as a freshman in high school, I guess it’s a worthy sacrifice to keep our sanity.

So happy to be on a ball field!
Our little slugger sure loves batting. I think he’s ready to lose the tee!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    I totally support your mentality! …and I'm so ready (yet not ready!) for sports 🙂


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