Yamin’ It Up

Fall is in the air and here we go, off to the Yamboree.  It was another fun year at the annual Yamboree in Gilmer.  Yet again, I double booked myself this weekend and had to leave after the parade to attend a Taylor Swift concert (is there always a concert this weekend??).

But, before I left, I got to enjoy a bit of the square on Friday with the boys and watch the parade, which is my favorite part.

Walt getting to run around with cousin Maddie (it was SO hot!)
Sporting his Camp Gilmer shirt!

Maybe his favorite – the motorcycles!
Mr. Stinks didn’t care to ride on many rides, but was very content watching all the commotion from the stroller
Family ferris wheel ride!

High above East Texas selfie

Ready for the parade with Aunt Bernadette (poor Walt hates loud noises)

We had another fabulous time and always look forward to coming back!

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