Halloween 2015

We had another fun year of trick or treating.  I’m still thankful that the boys aren’t into scary costumes, but apparently they are stuck on super heroes. I guess I should be happy by this.  My only rule was they had to be different super heroes than last year.

We have such an incredible neighborhood. I’ve talked about it before, but it’s truly great. We had a block party before we gathered all the kiddos up to hike through the neighborhood. This year, Oscar made it for the long haul.

Batman (aka Walt) was VERY into his character.

My little super heroes. Walt not breaking character and Oscar cheesing it up.

The block party! Look at little Chewy. Best costume ever!

All packed up and ready to get some candy!

Oscar’s been working out, so he can cheat with some candy. 

Taking a quick break to assess the loot and maybe try something.

I still get anxiety over Halloween because of the peanut factor (with Valentine’s a close 2nd), but Walt has gotten very good at asking if anything given to him has peanuts. He’ll even ask if a piece of bread has peanuts in it.  I’m thankful he’s so aware of this!  Luckily, no little super heroes were harmed during candy gathering and we had a very successful Halloween!

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