Thanksgiving 2015

For the first time, Chris and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house. We were very excited to do this because it meant both his family and our family would be together for the holiday.  We also wanted an excuse to use our newly remodeled kitchen!

I can’t even begin to explain how great the day was. In fact, it was so good that I didn’t take but two pictures!  Chris and his dad owned the turkey. I made sure we had utensils and drinks (and a bonus side dish and egg-free dessert) and everyone else brought something. I’m a big fan of the potluck method. It reduces the burden on the host and everyone feels like they contributed.

I actually wish that I had a story to tell about something going wrong, because those usually end up being the things you laugh about. I got nothing.

I think in total we had 14 adults and 4 kids – so it was a pretty packed house. Just the way I like it!  The kids got to run around and even play outside a bit in the rain (it wasn’t cold yet).  The food was perfection and the company couldn’t be beat. Football was on TV  and the wine was flowing. I was so giddy with content that I sat on our couch the Friday after and just relished in how GOOD things are! We have so little to complain about. In short, we are very thankful 🙂

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    how wonderful! the thought of making the feast and hostessing always overwhelms me, but when you use the potluck method…. maybe one day….


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