Bruns’ Fall Recap

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas full steam ahead, I wanted to recap all the fun things we did this fall. I’ve blogged about a lot of amazing highlights like Vegas and Napa, but lots of other little stuff occurred and I don’t want to miss those memories.

Like my other seasonal recaps, we’ll do this pictorially.

All of sudden, these two enjoy playing with each other. Not just in the same room. 
Cars are a big source of unity in our house. Look how Oscar lined them all up!

Fall mean FOOTBALL. Here’s Oscar rooting for the nailbiting Bronco’s with Papa Chuck.

The joys of a box 

Fall is a time of so many birthdays in our family. This one was celebrating Jameson and Uncle Greg
The fall weather in Texas is typically unbeatable (as long as it’s not raining). We take advantage of lots of park time and inviting friends to play. Dylan and Walt are hilarious!

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