Cypress Creek Montessori Holiday Program

Every year, the boys’ school puts on a great holiday program.  The kids sing holiday favorites, while the teachers and parents mouth the words and mimic the dance moves in the audience. This year was no different.

We had an outdoor performance at the Villages of Fairview, which was a nice change of scenery from the super cramped gym at school. Our school has amazing classrooms and a gym for rainy days, but when there’s an all-school activity, unlike a church or a bigger school, we don’t have a good place to go. The outdoor arena was perfect as the weather was great (albeit a touch chilly), but the sun was shining.

Walt is an old pro at these programs and truly has no stage fright.  This is Oscar’s very first stage performance and while he’s our little animated comedian, the spotlight had him a bit paralyzed.

Oscar is 2nd from the left (red bow tie). He didn’t move much from this stance.

Once Oscar got off stage and saw Daddy he BURST into tears. Poor buddy. But, he was super happy to see Papa Ronni there!
Still a bit traumatized, but heard rumors of candy canes

Now it’s Walt’s turn. He’s on the top row just to the left of the black speaker… pointing at us. Even at 5, we’re getting shout outs.

In an attempt to get more “family of four” pics, I forced this pic to happen when everyone was grumpy and hungry. This about sums it up (why am I holding Walt??)
Later that night we did some neighborhood caroling and Oscar’s stage fright vanished. He requested we sing Frosty and Jingle Bells on repeat.

I seriously love this time of year for so many reasons. And yes, I’m one of those annoying people who love Christmas music. Hearing those adorable little voices sing-yell their way through Feliz Navidad and Rudolph just put me right in the holiday spirit. Well, that and the spiked hot chocolate 🙂

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