Code Red! We’ve got a bleeder!

Today was a day I had envisioned since the day I found out we were having a boy (let alone two). My sisters and I are not delicate flowers, but we also weren’t in the ER all the time (unless you count asthma visits, and, don’t worry, we are already gold card members of that program).

Back to the story at hand. Walt is not my daredevil. He never has been. He’s not afraid of anything, but he’s not going to try anything until he’s certain he knows how to master it.  For example, he didn’t walk until 15 months old, but the second he did, he did so with skill — rarely falling or bumping into things. When it comes to sports, he observes others and then tries things. Making sure he can execute with confidence. (Oscar is another story, but this blog is not about Oscar).

So, today when I got a frantic call from the boys’ school, I could only assume it was Oscar.  Soon after we dropped Walt off, the school called saying not much more than, “You need to come now! Walt hit his head and there’s a lot of blood.” Thank heavens we live just yards from the school and are able to run next door.  I let Chris run over as I was still finishing getting Oscar ready. Plus, I had no idea what we were dealing with and blood is not my friend.

I paced at the back window until I saw Chris carrying a VERY bloody Walt home.

This is a pic from the hospital, but you can see his shirt was a crime scene.

The story goes that Walt was playfully pushed into a wall by a friend of his (a girl, I might add).  He fell backwards right into the corner of a doorframe, so it truly was accidental and just a bad fall.  When Chris brought him in the front door, besides the blood, it was obvious he needed stitches.  So off they went to Children’s while I took Oscar to school.  Side note, Oscar immediately picked up on the tension and was extremely concerned about Walt. He sobbed when Chris and Walt left for the hospital, mostly out of worry.  I reassured him that Walt would be just fine!

We have had nothing but amazing experiences at Children’s Legacy.  Both boys have been for illness (Oscar likes to go more often just to make sure his favorite people are there).  This time was no different.  Here’s how the visit went:

Walt actually thought the experience was super cool We kept telling him what to expect. He didn’t seem nervous at all!

It was determined that staples would be the method used. Here’s the nurse cleaning the area. The water was ice cold.  

The final product was 3 clean staples.  Turns out, the numbing gel didn’t work so great and Walt felt all three going in. He cried a bit, but as soon as it was over (10 seconds later) he was fully recovered and ready to show off his war wound.

I couldn’t help but compare Walt to Massive Head Wound Harry 🙂

As we were leaving, the nurses took us to the main hospital lobby because pilots from major airlines were giving away toys.  That’s an understatement.  Walt walked away with 3 huge toys plus a pillow pet and a balloon. Not a bad loot for 3 staples. 

On the way home, the adrenaline began to wear off and Walt got nauseous. Not uncommon for my little weak-tummy boy.  He never threw up, but took a huge nap when we got home.

All in all, the experience was extremely smooth and only very mildly nerve wracking. Walt was a SUPER stud and as brave as he could have been. He gets his staples out in 10 days (Merry Christmas!) and then this will be a story for the books – or the blog 🙂

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    how scary!!! blood ain't my friend either


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