Grammy Girl Christmas

I love how this time of year forces us to acknowledge all of our friends and family.  These girls. They are framily. They are the ones you can pitch your wildest ideas to: “Wanna go to Vegas to see Britney?”; “Wanna go to Mexico…next month??”; “Wanna Netflix and chill?”; or even something as simple as, “Hey, let’s do lunch tomorrow!”

Our lives didn’t start out the same and they sure haven’t ended up the same, but the universe made sure our paths crossed and that the gravitational pull stayed strong.  There was a time when we were planning our weekends and vacations around each other. I mean, the group got it’s name essentially from a girls’ weekend (mind you, the most of epic of girls’ weekends that repeated itself for 7 years and happen to take place AT the Grammy Awards). Even though it was over 10 years ago and we weren’t married with kids, planning time together was still challenging. We were scattered in 3-4 cities at any given time, practically from coast to coast.

Little did we know, coordinating across time zones would be EASY.  As things go in life, we started getting married, getting more serious about our careers (sorry, I can’t stay out until midnight on a Tuesday), changing our careers, having babies, but maybe most importantly – reconvening to our homes in Dallas. Yay! We were finally all back in Dallas!

I can confidently say, that despite the expected and unexpected turns in life, these girls are always rock solid.  Yes, we have a lot of fun together (like, seriously – so much fun), but we are also very serious about our friendships. We all bring something to the table. J Green is the realist. She can diffuse situations with ease.  Jess is the psychologist. She tries to understand why we are all feeling something. Stori is the empathist. She actually feels what we all are feeling. Jayne is the loyalist. She will drop anything to help out.  In fact, we’d all drop everything for each other. No doubt in my mind.

I’m lucky that I have a handful of girlfriends (even outside this group!) that I can count on, confide in, and depend on.  These GG5 just needed a bit of recognition.  With that — Merry Christmas, Grammy Girls.

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  2. Best blog. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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