Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas, y’all!  I’ll admit it! I love Christmas! I love the hustle and bustle. I love all the gift shopping. I love the decorating. And, now that we have kids, I just LOVE seeing Christmas through their eyes.  Don’t get me wrong, I get overwhelmed like the best of us, but I truly try to keep things into perspective and savor this time of year.

 Let’s start with our trip to Santa. We did this weeks ago (amazingly! usually this is a last-minute thought. In fact, it slipped past me until Walt was almost 3).
It was touch and go with Oscar. He was very timid, but saw Walt bolt up to the Big Guy and felt better about it. Not one tear was shed and he was happy to get a candy cane.

This year was our year to spend Christmas in Gilmer. Since we really want to the boys to wake up in their house on Christmas morning, we don’t typically go until Christmas afternoon. This means we got to spend Christmas Eve at my parent’s house, but not before we scattered some reindeer food (Thanks, Allens!)
Making sure Donner and Dasher (and of course Rudolph) get some nourishment. Oscar was so intrigued by this that he didn’t want to come inside until he saw a reindeer

It was a Christmas miracle that we snapped this family-of-4 selfie right before heading over to Papa Ronni and Papa Chuck’s.  We’re all really excited! 

Once we got home and got everyone tucked tight in bed, Santa made his rounds.  Lots of presents with wheels and even Bentley got a surprise!
The last-minute “this won’t take long to put together” toy — followed by our C-batteries were corrupt.  Off to 7-11 on Christmas Eve!
Chistmas morning was awesome! We were able to contain Walt to the upstairs game room until Oscar woke up. He’s such a stud!
Admiring the WORKING car track! (R2D2 helmet because safety)
Oscar patiently waiting his turn and opening his presents

After the madness of presents, we packed everything into my car and headed to Gilmer. Bentley was a game-time decision. We felt bad for leaving him behind on Christmas! Let’s just say the car ride was really cozy!

The boys in their happy place in Gilmer – outside and playing with cousin Maddie

It wouldn’t be a trip to Gilmer if Walt didn’t get to play some golf. Unfortunately, it was so wet and rainy that all we could do was some practice drives in the driveway.  It didn’t slow him down.

 We had so much fun getting to celebrate with our families and spending some extended days with the boys.  Mama is one happy girl!

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