Happy New Year (Eve)!

We have come to terms with the fact that New Year’s Eve will be celebrated a little differently than we used to. I know it’s a short-lived thing, and dare I say I kind of enjoy the low-key celebration? Someday the boys will want to stay up until midnight (or at least 11) and watch the ball drop. Maybe then we will have a bigger party. For now, we kept our celebration to us and another family from the boys’ school who have two boys the same ages as Walt and Oscar.

When I say low key, I’m not joking around. We had Ben and Charlie (and their parents, Jason and Jenny) come over around 4 p.m. so the kids could play.  We had a yummy brisket taco dinner then orchestrated a “countdown” at 7:00 p.m.

These hooligans are ready to countdown to 2016! (Thank you, Netflix)

Walt looks like a party animal!

Charlie liked the bubbly apple juice

Oscar isn’t one to turn down food or drink, so he enjoyed his bubbly too!

Not to be left out, Bentley reluctantly celebrated  too.

As always, we’re super excited to see what the new year brings. We aren’t ones to really make resolutions, but we certainly like to envision the year ahead and talk about what we’d like to happen.  I see nothing but good stuff on the horizon!

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