Sometimes I feel like the worst mom in the world. I blame Facebook. I see all these things these awesome mommies do with their kids and wonder how I can fit it all in!  Sometimes sanity for us is popcorn and a movie.  But, then I think about all the awesome experiences we have had and pat myself on the back (Broken Bow, Colorado, pumpkin patches, etc).

One thing I’ve deprived my children of is Build-A-Bear.  The idea of fighting crowds of people to make an overpriced stuffed animal does NOT appeal to me. But, we had a gift certificate, and the past week was super rainy and gloomy, and Walt has truly been flexing his big brother muscles lately. He’s an amazing helper around the house (makes his bed, puts his dirty laundry away, tries to bribe Oscar…), and I felt like he needed some extra special recognition.

So, yesterday we set out to do it. Just him and me.  You know what? We survived. We more than survived…it was a super cute experience and Walt absolutely loved the whole thing.  I’m sure I’ll be back with Oscar before he’s five 🙂

Walt decided on Bat Bear to be his next BFF.  He loved helping with the stuffing and adding all his good vibes to Bat Bear’s heart.

We couldn’t go home without a bat outfit (Bat Bear can’t be naked!)

The crowd was light and the employees were super sweet and helpful. When it came time to name Bat Bear and get him a birth certificate, Walt thought long and hard about the name…

May I introduce the super hero bear of Gotham…. Robin.

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