Winter 2015/2016 Recap

I’m so excited that it’s almost spring. But, then again, it’s been “spring-y” for a while now since we somehow skipped winter. I realize this probably means a zombie apocalypse or global warming will zap us all in a matter of days, but for now I am not complaining. I can do without winter weather!

I usually blog about big events and outings, but I also just take day-to-day pics.  With that, here’s some fun stuff we did this winter that didn’t make it into a blog.

My little big man decided he doesn’t need to sit in the cart anymore. He is a great little errand helper!

I will never tire of these brothers’ pics.  Walt is such a great big brother!

No, this pic didn’t end up in the wrong pile. This is technically a winter pic. But we’re all warm! Love our good neighbors!

Just because we didn’t have winter weather didn’t mean there weren’t cold and rainy days. We took the opportunity to have some fun at Main Event. This photo booth had us all making faces!

One afternoon, while playing out back, Oscar hopped on the tricycle for the first time and just started riding it. Who needs practice when you’ve been watching big bro your whole life!

Typical bath time. The more bubbles the better and their favorite thing to do is put on Santa beards.

We have the BEST neighborhood sitters. This young lady brought us a new fun game, which was a huge hit!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    we've now been pelted with huge hail twice in the past few weeks…. I decided that since we had no snow/ice this winter, it's making up for it in the spring! Love the big boy pic at Target. Avery doesn't like being contained in the cart anymore, but she is not ready to be termed a good helper yet!


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