Baseball Season Starts!

I sure do love this time of year and do we ever love us some baseball!  Walt is very excited to be back on the Bulls playing his last season of Tball before we graduate to coaches pitch.  I’m anxious to see how the team improves. They have come so far in just a year!  All the boys can hit it off the tee on the first or second attempt. They are starting to make some good plays (ball hit to the pitcher, pitcher throws to first, YOU’RE OUT!).  Even though there’s no outs or no score keeping, we can see the progress.

The first week of games was incredibly cold (I see all my east coast and Colorado readers rolling their eyes). But seriously, we had a cold front and it was 40 degrees plus 20 mph wind so it felt REALLY cold. Oscar and I sat huddled together, noses running, and just tried to survive. Which meant, no pics.

So, these are technically 2nd week pics….

Walt takes his baseball VERY seriously

Ryne and Walt ready for action!

Walt got to play first base for an inning. He was baseball-ready the whole time!

His most favorite part — hitting. At home, we don’t use a tee and Walt has hit all of our whiffle balls over the fence. 

Good sports all around!

These two little brothers are the #1 fans and ready to get out there themselves!

A turn at catcher! Look at all that gear!

We love that Walt loves his sports.  All of his adventures are his own idea. We just support him and try and encourage him to learn.  I can’t wait for the end-of-season update to show how much they progressed!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    that is serious game face!


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