Spring Garden

One of our favorite spring-time activities is getting our garden set up. Chris made us this perfect raised flower bed a couple years ago and we love changing out the vegetation each spring and fall.  But, we definitely have better luck with spring. We tried onions and garlic in the fall and had the cutest miniature fruits. Not good for real use.

This year we planted two types of tomatoes (beefsteak and roma) and jalapenos.  The peppers are almost always a win for us, but we tried them in their own pot last year and could never get anything going. They earned a spot back in the planter. We’re also trying summer squash as our experimental vegetable.

Everyone pitched in to help – even Bentley.

Tilling the soil

Oscar was all about it. I think it’s the tools

Ready to plant

Watering our newly planted vegetation!

The boys absolutely love watching the garden grow. Our strawberries from last year are coming back, so it would be great to get to eat a few of those. I can’t wait to see what sprouts!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    so fun! we had amazing success with arugula, and fresh makes the best salads. We ripped the garden out when we put in the pool, and I miss it 😦


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