Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made Of

Boy, do we love this city. A few months ago it was determined that a big work meeting that I plan would happen in NYC. I immediately began making plans for Chris to join me. I saw it as a last opportunity for the two of us to sneak away before baby girl (and while I still feel pretty good).  This trip didn’t disappoint.  It’s best told in pictures.

The trip started as a business trip. Me and my company hosting 10 customers at the Waldorf Astoria. Our room overlooked the Chrysler Building (cue “Annie” music)
Since I was the meeting planner and key contact for the hotel, I win fancy water and cupcakes in my room! 
The first night we went to the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square and enjoyed the rooftop for a bit.
After a loooong (but successful) meeting, we took the customers to a great restaurant in Midtown called Trattoria Dell’Arte. What you’re looking at is not a pizza, but a GIANT chicken parm that took up the whole plate. This was AFTER I was done eating it.  
Friday morning starts our long weekend. We headed to Grand Central to take the subway to the 9-11 Museum. 
There are zero pictures that could even begin to do this museum justice. What an outstanding job recapturing the events, emotions, and just physical aspects of that day. 
Most impressive was all the remembrances of the victims.  Here is one of the memorial pools. The water just keeps falling down, down, down.
We were emotionally drained after that experience, so came back to the hotel to recharge. Chris went out to get me hot nuts and asked if I could see him from our hotel. I spotted his shoes.
Pre-dinner cocktails. Chris enjoyed trying all the different Old Fashioneds. I enjoyed a mocktail in a real cocktail glass:)
Obligatory Times Square picture. 


We were killing time on the way to dinner and I had to snap my pic in Rockefeller Center. I was really hoping Jimmy would just pop out of those doors. 
On our way to dinner – all cleaned up! That night we ate at Butter in Midtown.  VERY cool vibe inside. At first glance it seems like a good-ol-boy’s steak house, but the music and food presentation is very hip and trendy.  Of course, the gnocci mac n cheese was stupid good.
Saturday morning and another subway ride, but this time to Brooklyn. We got a great visit in with Chris’s cousin, Allison, her precious girls Elizabeth and Avery and her husband, Turner (photographer). They live in a perfection suburban (term used lightly for you Frisco folks) area of Brooklyn. 
Saturday was pretty much the only day we saw sunshine. The temperature inched its way just above 60 degrees, which felt balmy after the cold, wet days previously. So, we walked! We took the subway from Brooklyn back to Manhattan, stopping off in the Flatiron District.
A gorgeous, spring day!
Obviously famished (after a hearty bagel and egg sandwich) and some subway maneuvering, we stopped in Eataly for a “snack”.  It’s a good thing we didn’t find this place earlier in the trip or I may not have left. It’s an Italian market but also has little mini tasting restaurants throughout. Here is our salame and cheese plate.
And, this squid was simply mouthwatering. Pan seared, not fried, with an arugula/orange salad. Food heaven looks something like this.
After all that food, we walked… again! This time, we took the subway uptown to Central Park. Did you know there is wildlife in Central Park? This very not shy and well-fed raccoon was roaming around right in front of us (no zoom necessary).
Selfie in the Park!
That night, we had theater tickets, but decided to grab a light dinner (seriously, were we eating our way through the city??) beforehand. With some extra time to spare, we got a pre-theater drink at a hole in the wall across the street and Chris spotted Christopher McDonald on our way out. 
Here’s the Belasco Theater where we saw “Blackbird” starring Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels. Not the lightest of subject matter, but boy the acting was pretty incredible. 

The celeb stalker in me sniffed out a crowd after the show. We were sitting next door having dessert (eating, of course) and I could tell something was up. Right outside was the stage door, and a very civilized crowd gathered. Out pops Michelle Williams who happily signed autographs and chatted with a few people. 


About 10 minutes later, Jeff Daniels came out and we incredibly personable. Trust me, I’ve met a lot of celebs. My advice is always, “If you really like someone, don’t meet them.”  9 times out of 10 it’s a huge disappointment and likely no fault of theirs. They meet SO many people. But, Jeff not only took his time signing autographs, but made nice chit chat and went on his way.

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    What a great trip! I think we actually ate at Eataly on Mother's Day 2014. Their pizza is great. It's a tough place to be while pregnant because wandering around with a glass of wine in hand looked like an amazing idea!


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