Walt Graduates Preschool

I know, it certainly sounds ridiculous. A graduation ceremony for a 5-year-old who’s not even in public school yet! But, it’s more about the rite of passage than the actual graduation. It’s not like Walt got a passing GPA to qualify for this graduation.

Our family of four (and a half!)

The other thing is Walt is SO ready for Kindergarten — and so am I! He’s been in preschool for so long and while I love the care and education he gets, I’m really ready for the next chapter. Which is why the emotions that sprang up during the graduation were such a huge surprise! I thought I was ready! (I am). But, it definitely is a big milestone and I think my tears were tears of joy and pride for what our biggest boy has accomplished.

We opened with the National Anthem (which of course made me cry). By the way, I  don’t think I learned the words to the National Anthem until I was like 9 years old.
Before the graduation ceremony, was a super cute performance by some little frogs and bumblebees

Here he is, walking across the stage and getting his hard-earned (!) diploma from his beloved teacher, Ms. Farah.
And a bow!

Walt’s sweet friends, all graduated.


Walt was so excited his cousin, Jaeyln, came to see him!


Seriously – I am so proud!

Nana and Papa made the trip! Papa Ronni and Papa Chuck were there too, but I’m the world’s worst picture taker so you have to take my word for it.

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    he is so so cute! and so big!!!! emotions are understandable – I'm in awe of how big he is!


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