Spring 2016

Summer is almost here, so it’s time to randomly showcase some pics from the spring time. Not everything we do is blog-worthy, but I do want to capture the little things.

The littlest monkey after a springtime haircut

Spring means great weather and lots of outdoor time. Here we are hiking at Centennial Park

More hiking. This time with Nana and Bentley on Tachus Trail right behind our house.

Mr. B and me taking a walk. Not much running happening these days 😦

Bentley is getting all the love! This time, Oscar is walking him.

Bentley found a squirrel and is showing off.

Brothers who play together, shower together. #booties

a pre-park treat. Many Sunday mornings we spend 2 hours or more outside!

Oscar and me on one of our hikes. Paying a visit to some ducks.

Oscar was INTENTLY painting a ceramic toy from Easter. 

And ANOTHER hiking pic. This time, we were with friends.

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    #booties! ha!


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