Swim Lessons 2016


Last year we were introduced to Ms Erin’s Swim School, which is a semi-private swim school out of a fellow Frisco mom’s house. The classes are 4 kids and last one week (or more if you sign up for more). After years of Emler and AquaTots (which I think are excellent programs for little toddlers getting comfortable with the water), it was time for Walt to really swim. Last year, he gained so much in his week with Ms Erin that I knew we’d be back.  This time, with Oscar in tow.

Walt had morning lessons (he took the 2nd year class) and Oscar had evening lessons (beginner).  This year did not disappoint! Let’s start with Walt, who sought every opportunity to do a cannonball…

While last year Walt was working on his confidence, he was really focused on actual swimming techniques this year. Ms. Erin said he’s almost ready to learn to take breaths by turning his head.
My favorite part was watching him swim the length of the pool!
Now to my Oscar Man.  Oscar hasn’t shown as much apprehension in the water as Walt did at his age. I wouldn’t say he’s fearless, but he’s not nearly as cautious as Walt.  Per usual, he charmed the socks off the swim teachers and made some great swimming progress.
Oscar is such a little performer, that he waited to show this skill for the last class. He dove all the way to the bottom of the shallow end for rings!
And here he is happily jumping into the pool and swimming to the steps (with some assistance). The kids all had to say “I’M SAFE” when they reached the steps.
We can’t wait to use our newfound swimming skills all summer long and are again grateful to the patience and teaching from Ms Erin! See you again next year!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    INTERESTING. I'm going to end up messaging you next spring about swimming. We have Avery in the pool all the time, and she loves it. My nieces and nephew all went through Emler for years and are great swimmers… so my plan was to put Avery in their program next summer with the expectation she'd learn to swim. Is 3 too early? on track? It's early to think about, but I'm already thinking about it! lol


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