Walt Soccer – Fall 2016

We wrapped up another great season of fall soccer with Walt’s team: Team Chaos.  These boys have been together since they were 3 and now they are all turning 6.  It seems crazy to say, but they have truly come SO far.  All us moms were commenting at the last game how much fun they are to watch. We are all sideline parents, yelling at our kids, and cheering them to victory. We truly have lucked out with one amazing group of little boys. Here is a quick video of our favorite #8

Walt continues to tell us that soccer is his favorite sport (but truthfully it changes daily).  I will say that he improved noticeably this year. He’s gained some speed (for being a stocky guy, that’s a big accomplishment) and he’s super skilled at defense. He can boot the ball halfway down the field!

Chris and I continue to learn a lot about the sport and we know why it’s so popular. Lots of energy and athleticism! We look forward to watching more futbol games in our future!

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