Oscar Soccer – Fall 2016

Oscar first organized sport is in the books… thank goodness. Phew – that did not go as we expected. Granted, when we started Walt in soccer, he was six months older, but this experience should have been marketed as 3-Year-Old Cat Herding.  Talk about wheels off! If someone wasn’t crying, screaming, yelling or dancing, then someone was pushing, pouting or generally NOT kicking a soccer ball.  Kudos to our coach for powering through this.

All that said, the boys really did have a good time and I do think something was learned. Oscar loved running up and down the field, so there was that. #burnenergy

Here’s the group of rugrats. Note: Oscar was the youngest player on the team, He’s also the biggest.

Despite the shenanagans, this little buddy sure is cute in a soccer uniform.  We’re going to try again in the spring and see what happens.

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