A Bruns Family Halloween

Phew! Halloween kind of snuck up on us! All of our attention has been on a clock and a calendar (Ok, it’s Tuesday so Oscar has soccer; Ok, it’s Friday so Walt has to dress like a piece of cotton candy; When does Vivian feed again?) but apparently the 31 on this month was meaningless until we remembered it was Halloween!

Luckily, I ordered the boys’ costumes before Vivian came. Before you scoff at my preparedness, this strategy was wrought with failure. If you know anything about 3 and 5 year olds (especially the former), they change their minds a lot.  I was banking that the boys wouldn’t change their minds for 2 whole months. That’s a toddler death trap!

But, all ended well and we had a great time.  Have I mentioned we love our neighborhood? This is going to be a tough place to leave next spring. We had a huge group of kids and a great group of adults.

We all played along! (Even Bentley, the Underdog)

My big boys!
This one was so in love with being a police officer. He walked around asking everyone how he could help them. 

The littlest Bruns is a tiny little Halloween baby 🙂
Walt is a fierce ninja!

Having fun being adults!

One more of this guy because a) he’s cute and b) this might be our last “cute” Halloween!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    I am having a terrible time keeping track of days while on maternity leave 😉


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